Kenya - Nairobi weather forecast

Kenya is quite diverse geographically, with different areas of the country have quite varied climatic conditions. Monsoon winds temper the tropical conditions of the coastal areas. The temperature in Nairobi is normally pleasant throughout the year, due to its altitude.

Lake Victoria gets much higher temperatures, and the rainfall is also quite heavy. The highlands have four distinct seasons, whereas the lowlands are hot all year round but mainly dry.

The coldest months in Kenya are July and August. During these months, it can often be quite overcast.

There are 2 distinct rainy seasons throughout most of Kenya. From late October until November you will find the short rain season, with the longer rains taking place from March to early June. Most rains occur during the late afternoon, with the days being fine, preceded by bright, sunny and fresh days. Most rains do not continue for extended periods of time.

Travellers should not be put off travelling during these months, as very few roads are affected by the rain and the scenery can be even more spectacular. Also prices are often lower and tourist destinations less crowded.

When travelling to areas close to the coast and lakeside, lightweight clothing is recommended (such as cottons and linens). It is also strongly recommended that wet weather clothing is taken, especially during the wet months. Warmer clothing may be needed during the colder months.

Six-day forecast (Details)°F | °C
Jul 20
Hi:  23°C
Lo:  13°C
Jul 21
Hi:  24°C
Lo:  13°C
Jul 22
Hi:  22°C
Lo:  13°C
Jul 23
Hi:  22°C
Lo:  10°C
Jul 24
Hi:  22°C
Lo:  13°C
Jul 25
Hi:  24°C
Lo:  11°C